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Guangzhou RongYou Steel Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of high strength tie rod, water stop tie rod, formwork F-Clamp shuttering clamps, water stop steel plate, high ribbed formwork, mountain type wing nut, quick lock scaffolding, adjustable base jack, welded wire mesh panel, scaffold coupler, steel pipe, construction safety net, color board and other building materials, which is  located in Guangzhou.

The company has rich professional knowledge and production management experience, has a group of professional management team, technical team and a large number of excellent production workers, selling for nearly 20 years, have variety of advanced produce technology, and equipped with dozens of large and medium-sized professional automatic produces equipment, We have strong production technique.



  • The advantages of an unknown th
    The advantages of an unknown th


    We must not be very clear about the significance of the existence of the three - stage water stop spiral, so today we will make a detailed explanation of the three - stage screw. The three section type...
  • What problems have been paid at
    What problems have been paid at


    The three section type water stop screw is equivalent to other bolts in terms of usage. It has the same strict usage requirement, because it is a three stage structure. When using the horn head to conn...
  • Formwork F-clamp shuttering cla
    Formwork F-clamp shuttering cla


    For core services, the transmission process of each service element must be clear. The higher the charge, the higher the level of each service factor. The hotel should also provide additional services,...
  • Step by step to illustrate the
    Step by step to illustrate the


    From a marketing perspective, there is an opportunity to become a key step in defining the marketing concept, and to distinguish the interests of customers and the cost of providing them. Marketing con...
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