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Step by step to illustrate the efficiency of the map

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From a marketing perspective, there is an opportunity to become a key step in defining the marketing concept, and to distinguish the interests of customers and the cost of providing them. Marketing concept includes core products and additional services, including the performance level and style characteristics of service products, and the place, time and way of customer access services. The related cost not only has the cost of money, but also includes time, emotional input of people, material investment and experience of negative experience in service process. At the same time, we must establish the concept of service operation and the nature of the service process, including the nature of the service process, including the use of information technology, and the time needed to perform tasks, so as to allocate different types of operating assets. Therefore, we need an operational agenda for the division and development of the geographical region, and a clear set of equipment IL and equipment to determine the necessary human resources. The concept of transportation enterprise's own resources also emphasizes the balance of potatoes and intermediary resources and customers. Finally, the concept also provides the prospect and background of the need to complete different tasks and different resource allocation.
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