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Formwork F-clamp shuttering clamps wholesale industry futur

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For core services, the transmission process of each service element must be clear. The higher the charge, the higher the level of each service factor. The hotel should also provide additional services, such as business centers, bars, swimming pools and fitness clubs. The first-class hotel service is a function. It should be made by the customer's own hotel for customers. The hotel will extend the business hours, such as providing 24 hours of room service.

The fourth problem that service product designers must consider is the order of customers using core products and additional product elements, and the time needed for each element. This information reflects the needs, habits and expectations of customers, whether it is to confirm marketing objectives or product design, operation management and personnel configuration is very necessary.

It is wrong to think that all the components of the product are extended by the customer at the same time. In the hotel service industry, whether it is the core service or additional service, it is delivered to the customer. Some service elements must be delivered to the customer before other elements. In many service industries, the consumption of core services is to provide more services for consumers.

Taking hotel services as an example, we put forward some additional service elements and consumption order of these factors. Every consumption is marked out to help us understand the concept of service product. Hotel service is a kind of high contact, in order to deal with the main body of service, it plays a key role in this kind of service. Time is not only closely related to the operation process, including the allocation of resources and the arrangement of working time, but also the key of the customer.

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