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What problems have been paid attention to in practical use o

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The three section type water stop screw is equivalent to other bolts in terms of usage. It has the same strict usage requirement, because it is a three stage structure. When using the horn head to connect the inner rod, it should pay attention to the degree of fit.

Whether the nut has been fully coincident with the wire and teeth, such operation details affect the use of the three stage water stop screw in engineering. If the product is used properly, it will also cause engineering hidden danger if it is not operated properly. What problems should we pay attention to in practice?

If you do not purchase or be greedy for the price, you can lead to the later engineering hidden trouble, the material purchase can not be cheap, cheap, not good goods. In the price must keep the sober mind, looking for the regular manufacturer to purchase is the king way;

New three sealing screw should pay attention to in the actual use of the welding quality is waterstop, after all, is the water through the barrier wall sealing film of the play into the water, the waterproof effect, if in the process of welding and sealing sheet bolt did not pay attention to the welding quality will lead to Water Leakage, and this is very important. If the welding of carbon dioxide welding effect is better.

While Shuangxing three sealing screw is using two welding welding, the welding quality of the lever. In addition, the use of supporting nuts, must be purchased through the manufacturer, because each of the three segments of the water stop bolts are not one of the wire.

So we must pay attention to such details, before meeting a customer purchase other companies stop bolt, site has stored a number of nuts, so not purchasing nut lead to mismatch, and later took turns to buy new, costly, it is important to remember.

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