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The advantages of an unknown three stage water stop tie rod

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We must not be very clear about the significance of the existence of the three - stage water stop spiral, so today we will make a detailed explanation of the three - stage screw. The three section type water stop bolt is made up of three parts, the inner pole, the outer pole and the joint nut. Usually, only the inner rod is used in the wall, and the outer rod and the nut at the two ends can be reused repeatedly, so the cost control is considerable.

We calculate how many three - stage water stop bolts can be used in a project, which can be calculated according to the whole area of the project and the height and width of the wall. So how is the amount of a new type of three - stage water stop bolt calculated? For now the site, using the new three sealing bolt is required, the site of the surface, the new three sealing bolt is better than the traditional sealing bolt really expensive so a bit, but we need to have a little far from Allen, long-term plan, new three sealing bolts economic benefit far more than traditional sealing bolt. Speaking of welding technology, there are many kinds of welding technology in the market of sealing water stop bolts in the market, and the various processes are uneven. For the welding of water stop bolts, we should say that the machine is better and the labor is better. First, we should consider some artificial misoperation. The problem is coming. The workers' quality is uneven. We must supervise in order to ensure the quality.

And machine welding can be controlled by program. As long as people who control the machine will operate simply, the quality of the new three stage water stop bolt produced is very consistent. So we adopted the two guarantees welding machine to carry out the welding of the water stop piece. The welding effect is very good. Moreover, it is double-sided full welding, no flaw, tin slag and uneven phenomenon, and also greatly improves the manual efficiency. The effect of water stop has a qualitative improvement.

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